Kerbside Collections

Additional Bin Services

FRWA offers residential and business customers a range of flexible additional collection services. These services are in addition to the standard kerbside collection service, which allows for the collection of one set of bins per available waste stream per rateable property assessment.


1. Exceptional Circumstances (EC) bin


Exceptional Circumstances (EC) provisions aim to assist large families and households that produce excess household, nappy or domestic medical waste. Eligible households need to apply/renew annually directly with their council. The service provides an additional free fortnightly kerbside collection of one 140L EC waste bin. Annual stickers must be displayed for EC bin collection.


* Note: Approved residents need to collect the supplied compliant bin from one of our waste and recycling depots – bin delivery is currently not available. Depending on your council, you will be issued an email authorisation or receipt to exchange for your new bin service.


See the Exceptional Circumstances (EC) Bins page for conditions.


2. Annual paid additional bin collection service


Residents and businesses can purchase extra annual kerbside services at the same collection time as their existing in-cycle collections.  Additional bin service is available for purchase per rateable property assessment (excluding vacant land).


*Note: Complying bins MUST be purchased and collected separately.


FRWA sell the following complying bins available for collection from the waste and recycling depots. Bins can be purchased from third parties provided they comply with the following sizes and colours.


1 x 140 Litre

blue lid*
general waste
to landfill bin

*Red lid bin for Kangaroo Island

1 x 240 Litre 

yellow lid
recycle bin

1 x 240 Litre

green lid
fogo bin*

*Where applicable for households situated within township boundaries.

Additional bin collection is an annual service, and bins will only be collected when displaying the current sticker.


Bins with expired stickers will not be emptied until they display a current sticker.

As an annual service, prices are based on a quarterly pro-rata rate, as shown in the table below:


2024-2025 additional bin collection

Duration of service


General waste (blue or red)

Recycling (yellow)

Green organics (green)


12 months

1 July




cost of complying bin
(resident/business to collect/supply – not

9 months

1 Oct




6 months

1 Jan




3 months

1 April





Please fill in the online application form below or call customer service on 8555 7405 for more information. 

Businesses may also be interested in FRWA’s weekly commercial food waste collection service available in several areas across the Fleurieu Peninsula.


3. Ad-hoc pre-booked additional collection service


A) Out-of-cycle – extra collection outside your regular collection schedule

A pre-booked service may be available when your general waste bin needs an additional empty outside the regular fortnightly collection for $34 first bin and $12 further additional bins collected at the same time.


B) In-cycle – extra bin with your regular collection schedule

If you own a second compliant bin and need it emptied along with your regular fortnightly collection, you can call and request an additional individual collection for $12 per bin.


*Note:  Bins will only be collected with prior arrangement/request/payment. Additional bins placed out without additional notes in the driver’s manifest or current stickers will not be emptied.


To book an ad-hoc additional collection service, call FRWA customer service on 8555 7405.

** 23/07/2024 - We are aware of a glitch in our additional bin forms and payments since Friday afternoon.

We have currently removed the additional bin form while we investigate. Please call our customer service team on 8555 7405 if you wish to purchase an additional bin service.

We will refund overpayments to affected customers today, with refunds showing into your account in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience **

2024-2025 application form - paid annual/pro rata additional in-cycle bin collection
Postal Address
Property location for collection
Preferred contact method for renewal notice :*
Price: $ 200.00
Price: $ 120.00
Price: $ 120.00
Credit card*
Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa
Expiration Date
I acknowledge this payment is for the annual/pro-rata in-cycle collection service only. I understand I need to buy/supply and maintain a compliant bin and that it is my responsibility to collect bins (they are NOT delivered if bought from FRWA).*
I understand that annual stickers will be posted after payment and additional bin collection will only occur while my bin displays a current sticker.*
FRWA respects your privacy. You will find our Privacy Policy here.

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