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  ** Please note kerbside collection runs and times change, and can occur anytime from early morning to late afternoon. If your street hasn’t been collected by your ‘usual’ time, please be flexible and wait till later afternoon before filling out this form, as your collection times may have changed.


FRWA trucks are equipped with still and video cameras as well as satellite tracking that can indicate locations and bin lifts.  Thes facilities may be used to investigate your missed bin.


Did we miss your bin? If so, please fill in the form below or call FRWA customer service on 8555 7405.



Missed Bin Form

Do you acknowledge and understand that vehicle mounted still and video cameras and satellite tracking may be used to investigate and substantiate this Missed Bin Form.*
Your details
Your Address
Please provide your preferred contact details
What waste bin type was missed?*
What day was your bin missed?*
Was your bin placed kerbside the night before?*
Truck routes may change due to conditions, meaning the truck may have come past very early in the morning.
Is your bin compliant - not broken, correct size, colour and shape?*
All FRWA Council bins need dark green bases. 140L general waste bins have bright blue lids or red lids on Kangaroo Island (not the tall skinny 140L shape). 240L Recycling bins have bright yellow lid. 240L green Food and Garden Organics bins have green lids.
Is your bin overfull or too heavy?*
Overfull means the lid cannot be closed. Too heavy is over 50kg.
Does your bin have an attached lid and was it closed with no obstruction on top?*
To avoid waste blowing out, bins must have a closed lid with no obstruction like weights/bricks on top.
Is your bin contaminated?*
For example, no soft plastic in your Recycling or Green Organics bin (this includes plastic bags).
Is the kerbside access to the bin unobstructed - no overgrown trees/bushes, no parked trucks/cars etc.?*
We do not return if drivers have been unable to access your bin due to parked cars
Did you present only one of each type of waste bin, or do you have a current sticker displayed for each additional bin?*
Each council assessment number is entitled to one of each waste bin (green FOGO in zoned townships only). Additional paid services are available on our website
Does your bin have your address details clearly displayed on the front?*
We advise all residents to paint a large property number as well as their street name on the front of their bin. The number helps drivers identify which bin belongs to different property, which is especially useful when neighbours place their bins too close to each other. Clear identification can also prevent bin theft.
I acknowledge that the above responses are true and correct.*
FRWA respects your privacy. You will find our Privacy Policy here.

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