Kerbside Collections

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  ** Please note kerbside collection runs and times change, and can occur anytime from early morning to late afternoon. If your street hasn’t been collected by your ‘usual’ time, please be flexible and wait till later afternoon before filling out this form, as your collection times may have changed.


Did we miss your bin? If so, please fill in the form below or call FRWA customer service on 8555 7405.

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What waste bin type was missed?
What day was your bin missed?
Was your bin place kerbside the night before?
Truck routes may change due to conditions, meaning the truck may have come past very early in the morning.
Is your bin the right size?
140L General Waste, 240L Recycling or 240L Green Organics.
Is your bin overfull or too heavy?
Overfull means the lid cannot be closed. Too heavy is over 50kg.
Is your bin contaminated?
For example, no soft plastic is to be in your Recycling or Green Organics bin (this includes plastic bags).
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