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FRWA Exceptional Circumstances EC Bins

Exceptional Circumstances (EC) Bins terms and conditions 


Exceptional Circumstances (EC) provisions aim to assist large families and households that produce nappies or domestic medical waste.

Eligible households may apply for free fortnightly kerbside collection of one additional 140L EC waste bin (in addition to the one 140L general waste bin fortnightly collection provided as part of your Council waste service charges).

1. Exceptional circumstances bins must be applied for through your local council.

2. Bins granted under Exceptional Circumstances are required to display an ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ sticker.

3. Applications for this service are required to be submitted annually (on a financial year basis) with your local council.

4. A renewal application will be issued prior to the end of the current financial year and approval granted if you continue to meet criteria.

5. The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA) may conduct bin audits on Exceptional Circumstance bin service households.

6. FRWA reserves the right to cease a collection service where there is a repeated misuse of the service. This includes removal of the Exceptional Circumstances bin(s) if it is found that the conditions under which it was approved are false, misused or have changed and the application does not comply with conditions.

7. Applicants need to advise Council when/if they become ineligible for the Exceptional Circumstances bin(s).

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