Kerbside Collections

Additional Bin Services

FRWA offers residential and business customers a range of flexible collection services, in addition to the standard kerbside collection service which allows for the collection of one set of bins per waste stream per rateable property assessment.


Additional Bin Collection Service
Kerbside collection of up to 2 additional bins per waste type per rateable property assessment (excluding vacant land), in cycle with published kerbside collection schedules. Complying bins to be purchased separately.


Please fill in the online application form below or call customer service on 8555 7405 for more information. 

Pre-booked collection Service
A pre-booked service may be available when your general waste bin needs an extra collection outside the regular fortnightly collection, at a cost of $30 per bin. 


If you already own an extra bin and would like at times to have this bin emptied along with your normal fortnightly collection, the cost is $10.


All pre-booked collection services must be booked through FRWA customer service on 8555 7405.

Annual or Pro Rata Additional Bin Collection Application
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