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Latest News Summer Peak - summer and holiday details

Australia Day public holiday

Friday waste collections will still happen as usual on the Australia Day public holiday.


Waste and recycling depots are closed on public holidays.

Recycle every week over the summer peak (green and yellow)

Monday 18th December to Friday 26th January (collecting on the Australia Day public holiday)


The collection of green organics and yellow recycling bins will switch to weekly pick-ups over the peak summer period.


The summer cycle starts Monday 18 December 2023 and ends Friday 26 January 2024 (collection as usual on the public holiday).


The collection of blue bins for general landfill waste will remain fortnightly.


Don’t forget to place your bins out the night before over this busy time.


Christmas week - bin collections will be one day later

During Christmas week collections will be one day later. This week is recycling (yellow/green) for mainland areas and per usual bin stream on Kangaroo Island (but still 1 day later).


Monday collection → Tuesday 26 December

Tuesday collection → Wednesday 27 December

Wednesday collection → Thursday 28 December

Thursday collection → Friday 29 December

Friday collection → Saturday 30 December


Ashbourne, Woodchester, Langhorne Creek rural (not town), Paris Creek and surrounds

Residents in the areas listed below will have 4 of their collections occur on a Saturday: 

  • Ashbourne
  • Paris Creek
  • Woodchester
  • Langhorne Creek rural areas (not town)
  • Salem
  • Hartley
  • Mount Observation
  • Woodlands
  • Gemmells
  • Highland Valley
  • Red Creek
  • Bletchley


The following list outlines your collections for the six week summer peak service:

  • Saturday 23 Dec  (blue + recycling)
  • Saturday 30 Dec (recycling)
  • Saturday 6  Jan (blue + recycling)
  • Friday 12 Jan (recycling)
  • Saturday 20 Jan (blue + recycling)
  • Friday 26 Jan (recycling)

Missed bin? Leave it out for 24 hours

During this peak time, the time your bin is collected may change. Ensure you don’t miss our early run by having your bin out the night before. Our dedicated drivers will be working till late in the afternoon, so please be patient and leave your bin out, even if your usual time is early morning.


Due to the increased service, occasionally a street or area may need to be emptied the next day. If your street is not collected on your usual day, please leave your bin out for another 24 hours.


If your individual bin has been missed, please fill out a report a missed bin form or call the FRWA customer service team on 8555 7405.


Need extra collection this summer?

Out-of-cycle paid collection

If needed, a general waste bin out-of-cycle collection is available for $34 ($12 subsequent bins at the same time).


To book and pay for an additional collection, call our customer service team on 8555 7405 with two business days’ notice.


In-cycle extra bin paid collection

Do you have an extra bin that needs collection along with your usual collection? FRWA offers a collection of additional complying bins in-cycle for $12 per bin. Complying bins can be purchased and collected from our Strathalbyn, Kangaroo Island, Yankalilla and Goolwa depots. General waste bins [blue/red] are $71 and recycling [yellow and green] cost $78.


To book, call the day before your standard collection day – FRWA customer service team on 8555 7405


Take your bin for a spin … empty it at one of our Waste and Recycling Depots

You can also take your blue and green bins to one of our depots during opening hours for disposal – $6.00 per bin or $4.00 per bag (no fee on Kangaroo Island due to council subsidy).


Your yellow recycling bin is free to empty at the depot.


Depot details and prices

Public holidays

Bin collection

Bin collection will occur on public holidays, except Christmas Day. See the ‘Christmas week’ heading for details.

Waste and Recycling Depots

Goolwa, Yankalilla, Strathalbyn and Kangaroo Island – closed all public holidays

NB: All depots close early (1pm) on Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve with the Yankalilla depot opening earlier on both days (9am).

Customer service and FRWA office

Our customer service and office are closed on public holidays.

Waste and recycling depot hours

Give a gift to the environment this Christmas - Prawn shells, ham bones, foil trays and wrapping paper

Over Christmas and New Year, we often create different types of waste. advises that  waste output increase by 30% around Christmas – ouch!


Festive season food, paper serviettes and plates

Did you know that prawn and oyster shells, meat bones, dairy and bread go in the green bin? That’s right, feed food scraps to your green bin to reduce waste from landfill and help return valuable nutrients to our environment.


Paper towels, tissues and paper serviettes can also go in the green bin. 


When buying your disposable plates and cutlery, look for compostable (not just biodegradable) ones to recycle them in your green bin.


Aluminium trays and foil

What about those little alfoil trays for Christmas mince pins or the larger trays used to keep the turkey slices warm? Clean trays and aluminium foil can be scrunched together into a ball and recycled in the yellow bin. Greasy trays need to be washed clean or placed in the blue bin.



Christmas is the time for batteries. Dead batteries should NEVER be placed in any bin – they are a fire hazard for the waste processor, hazardous to the environment and contain 95% reusable components.


Tape the terminals with sticky tape and collect them separately.


Check for storage and disposal details. All of our depots take household batteries for free, as well as numerous retail sites like Woolworths, Officeworks and Battery World.


Wrapping paper

With all that unwrapping, don’t forget to ‘call it a wrap’ by placing it in the yellow bin. Paper wrapping can be recycled, but plastic/foil paper and ribbons need to go in the blue bin.


FRWA details


Depot details and prices:


Customer service phone: 8555 7405


Have a wonderful and safe festive and summer season.

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