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FRWA Hard Waste Service

Cleaning up and find old furniture and ‘bits n’ pieces’ which they no longer need or want around the house and shed?


Some items can be recycled through local charities such as Salvage and Save (part of the MOBO group), which accept household goods suitable for re-sale.


For the Salvage and Save located within the Goolwa Waste and Recycling Depot site, Contact them on 8555 3200 or Visit the Salvage & Save website here.


You can recycle these items by taking them to one of our four Waste and Recycling Depots


Free of charge

  • E-waste unbroken
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Fluoro tubes and globes
  • X-rays removed from envelopes
  • Unused or old paint via the Paintback program


For a fee

  • Car tyres with or without rims
  • Empty gas bottles
  • Broken e-waste


Hard waste collection is not provided by any of the councils on the Fleurieu Peninsula and is charged at the depot according to waste type and amount. See current price lists here


Sort your load and save

Sort your load as you are cleaning up around the house, so it is easier to unload the trailer (and save on disposal fees) when you arrive at the FRWA Waste and Recycling Depot.

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