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Do you know the difference between COMPOST AND MULCH? 🌿

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they have key difference…


🍓🍏 COMPOST is mixed into soil to provide key nutrients and help hold moisture. Sometimes called fertiliser. Compost is the result of microorganisms decomposing organic matter through the process of aerobic biodegradation, such as kitchen scraps, chicken manure, leaves, grass and unbleached paper.


For example, if you have a compost bin at home, you could add banana peels, coffee grounds, coffee filters made from unbleached paper, twigs, leaves, the tube left after you use a roll of toilet paper, lawn clippings and your pet rabbit’s poop. In the controlled environment of your compost bin or pile, these items will decompose and become nutrient-rich compost you can use in your garden.


🍂 MULCH goes on top and never dug into the soil, it helps to limit weed growth, prevent erosion and retain soil moisture. It is usually organic materials such as leaves and other garden greens, wood chips, straw or crushed shells, in many cases the materials are not fully broken down.


The terms can cause confusions sometimes because compost can be used as mulch, although mulch should not be used as compost.


If you don’t have a home compost, you can still contribute significantly by donating all your food scraps to your GREEN BIN, which FRWA trucks to PEATS SOIL to be commercially composted.


You can also BUY premium MULCH from any of our FRWA depot sites

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