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FRWA Exceptional Circumstances EC Bins

Just a reminder that we go to weekly general waste collections next week for 6 weeks over the peak of Summer from Monday 20th December 2021 until Friday 28th January 2022 and that Exceptional Circumstances or EC bins (red lid on mainland and blue lid on KI) are not collected during this time.

EC bins are provided to assist residents with special needs by giving them extra general waste capacity during fortnightly collection. 

While weekly collections maintain the level of service already provided throughout the rest of the year for EC recipients, we do understand that every situation is different and offer a range of additional collection services to assist residents with higher than usual volumes of waste.

  • Purchase of a once off additional collection of your EC bin at the same time as your regular weekly waste pickup – $10
  • Purchase of an out of cycle general waste collection as required – $30 (available in some areas on request only)

These must be pre-booked through customer service on 8555 7405.

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