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What changes are being made?
In the first week of July, all households across our mainland councils of Alexandrina, City of Victor Harbor and DC Yankalilla will have their General waste landfill bin (blue lid) collected on its own, even if you are due for a Recycling collection.  


The Recycling bin (yellow lid) and Green organics (food and garden) bin will be collected together in the second week of July.

Will all waste bins still be collected fortnightly?

Yes, all waste streams continue to be collected fortnightly on this cycle until the summer recycling collection program when Recycling and Green organics bins are collected weekly for 6 weeks.


Are Exceptional Circumstances bins also collected with blue lid general waste to landfill bins?

Yes, red lid exceptional circumstances bins that are annually approved for renewal from July will continue to be collected when the blue general waste bins are collected.


Why are changes being made?

Our region has seen significant population growth as well as an increase in green organics (food and garden) collections, which have driven the changes to ensure FRWA can continue to deliver the most efficient and effective regional waste services to residents on behalf of its member councils.


The collection schedule also simplifies the collection across the Fleurieu Peninsula


How will these changes affect my household?

All households will wait an extra week for either their recycling or green bin to be emptied.


If your last collection in June is a General waste bin and Green organics bin (in eligible townships), you will receive two general waste to landfill collections in a row (last week of June AND first week of July) and then wait an extra week for your recycling collection with your green organics bin (in the second week of July).


If your last collection in June is a Recycling bin collection, you will wait an extra week for your Green organics bin to be collected (in the second week of July, together with your recycling bin)


Will my collection day change?  

There are some areas who will also have a collection day change. Please make sure you check your new council kerbside collection calendars here. Please note that the address bar will not reflect your change in collections until the change occurs in July, so please use the full council calendars available here.  


Will there be additional facilities or services provided to accommodate the changes in kerbside collections?


There are no extra collections scheduled for the change at this stage and all residents will wait an extra week for either their recycling or green bin collections. We understand that this may be inconvenient for some who may need to keep aside some recyclable materials until the next collection, however we believe most residents will have the bin capacity to absorb this once off wait in collection.    


How can I learn more about the changes to kerbside collections in my area?

The new council calendars are available to download below.


Council offices and FRWA depots will have the new 2023-24 calendar available in May and Australia Post will be delivering new calendars to your household in June.


Please find your new council calendar below and check the map to confirm your collection day and schedule, starting 1 July, 2023.


You can still use the address search field to check your current schedule, however the new schedule won’t be reflected until when the change commences on 1 July, 2023.


If you would like more information, please email our friendly staff at or call 8555 7405.


Download your new Council Collection Calendar here:

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