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The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority 21-22 Average Bin Contents During Fortnightly Collection

 The results from the recent bin audits and resident survey suggest our community cares a lot about waste, specifically reducing and diverting waste from landfill by recycling and composting. Download our infographic below to see the results for yourself! 



In line with FRWA’s mission: “To provide best practice waste and resource management services that reduce the impact of our community on the environment”, data collected and analysed over the past two summers verifies the need for a change in collections over the peak of Summer.



Results from FRWA’s Summer Collection Trial 2020-21, showed a weekly collection of recycling and green bins instead of general waste to landfill bin over the peak of summer significantly reduced waste to landfill and increased recycling and composting. Further data collected this summer 21-22, including quantitative data from independent bin audits and waste tracking analytics from out trucks, as well as qualitative data through surveys and community feedback, verifies that the community has more recyclable items and food waste during the peak of summer and confirms the need to provide more capacity for waste collection during the peak of summer, especially recycling.


Click on the attached pdf to find out what is in our bins and the community survey results

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